Congratulations to D-Girl for coming first in the November Leaderboards with 1096 points, Taekwoondo who led for most of the month but was pipped at the post to finish 2nd with 1007 points and Brolic who came third with 804 points.

Participation in the leaderboards continues to grow, November had 78 seperate people submit to the leaderboards which is a huge amount of people submitting when you consider we currently have 360~ members. Over 6b in loot value and 881 submissions of seperate drops. It's really great to see the effort that Jack has put in to the leaderboards since they were introduced is not wasted. 

This months leaderboards will hopefully see more participation than ever, we're offering an amazing prize of a $125 amazon giftcard to 1st place so get pvming. 

As a side note, we were going to hold a team pvm competition this month to coincide with the leaderboards but have decided against it. With the leaderboards having a great reward and Raids coming up next month members will be busy enough as it is so we're postponing, at least until raids comes out.

In the next few days we're going to be implementing a support system on the offsite so members can submit any queries, questions or concerns they have with anything regarding the clan and will always get an answer from a staff member. You'll be able to access this by clicking this link or by clicking the support link on the home page or any page of the offsite. 

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